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Article: Dilbert the Inquisitor

From TheNewYorkTimes.com:  Dilbert the Inquisitor 

Author: Lisa Belkin, 4/3/08 

ONE afternoon last week I found myself sitting at a desk that was not mine, answering to a name that was not mine, and fielding phone calls and e-mail messages from colleagues who don’t exist. I held a “meeting” with an actor pretending to be a passive-aggressive employee who was sabotaging a new sales plan with his vocal disapproval. I had a “conference call” with an actress who was convincingly frosty as she refused to share key research and manpower that her department had and mine needed. In other words, I spent that day doing what a growing number of employees will do if they are to reach a position of power or potential: I was being “assessed.”” (Click for full article.)