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A reader sent this story. It helps explain why your economy is in shambles.

A new group was formed at my work called the “Business Information Group” using the acronym BIG. The Information Technology department for this group added the initials IT to this acronym. Recently they had mugs ordered with the letters BIGIT. It was only after these mugs showed up on many desks that someone from another department asked “You guys are calling yourself bigots?”

They didn’t return the mugs, but they do turn them around so the letters BIGIT are not facing outward.

This reminded me of a story from childhood. In sixth grade one of the tough kids in the class decided to put on the back of his new leather jacket “Hell’s Angels.” But he spelled it “Hell’s Angles.” This misspelling was gleefully pointed out to him by the nerdier elements of the class (okay, me). Unfortnately for him, there was no way to correct it without ruining the jacket. And he couldn’t afford a new leather jacket, so he lived with it. I guess he figured most people wouldn’t notice. I like to think he was wrong about that.