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Dilbert.com Redesign

I’m starting the process of redesigning Dilbert.com.

Long overdue, I know. But I’ve been quite busy lately.

I’d love to hear your suggestions as I compile my list of requirements.
I know the comments engine here is a mess. And I know you want the profanity filter to die. And I know the site is uglier and slower than it needs to be.
I’m thinking of killing the mash-ups feature. It had a good run. Unless you tell me otherwise.
I’m noodling on adding a few new things below the strip on the main page, which has been mostly wasted space. Some ideas include:
1. A Reddit-like feature so you can suggest interesting links and others can vote on them. I would build the engine so you can include your profile picture (or any image you choose) plus a section for you to give a plug for yourself or your company. 
2. Some sort of Dilbert-branded store – operated by a third-party – for items that everyone needs, such as replacement cables, phone chargers, or other common tech devices. Another way to go would be a Dilbert-branded store for more exotic and cool tech stuff or uncommon products that cleverly solve common problems.
3. Guest bloggers: Anyone can submit an opinion piece, with a plug for yourself or your company. Readers vote up the best ones.
4. Highlight links to other great comics at GoComics.com.
5. Reader-submitted stories of bad or absurd management. The ones voted to the top by readers would become comic fodder for Dilbert.
6. Add other content that supports your morning ritual that includes checking the Dilbert comic, checking stocks, weather, and some other popular tech and business news sites.
7. Irreverant business news of the day, summarized by Dogbert or one of the other Dilbert crew in a separate window.
8. User-submitted hacks and inventions. Upload photos and descriptions of your awesome hacks, work-arounds, inventions, and fixes, for, well, anything. Show your geeky solutions to the world.
9. Investment ideas and discussions with an emphasis on tech companies.
I’m told that a good website needs to inspire curiosity in visitors. If you have any ideas on keeping readers curious, I’d love to hear them.