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Robots Read News

I am experimenting with a web comic about a robot with a bad attitude reading the news. I decided to triple-dip today and use my comic strip practice as a blog post while also pointing to the new bloggers on this site. Efficiency!

[Update: I added a non-edgy version of comic #3 as written by commenter “dont bother” to compare to my original. Which do you prefer?]


The home sperm test is a real thing, coming to a store near you if all goes well. (I am one of the smaller investors in the start-up. Seems like a huge leap for the economics and convenience of fertility testing.) Read more at Tamra Teig’s Berkeley Start-up Review.


Is smiling always a good idea when it comes to your career? Vivian Giang has good news for pessimists even though they were not expecting any.


Bipedal humanoid robot firefighters are under development now. See Paul Worthington’s Top Tech for that spooky story and more in tech.

And let me know which of the Robot strips you liked, if any. That helps me triangulate on the robot’s best voice. I don’t have a goal for the strip. Developing it is a system 🙂 I’m learning as I go.

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