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Robots Read News – About Music Streaming

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Predicted Sharing: High. Popular topic in the news. Gentle humor and a clear target audience. Weed reference will inhibit sharing a bit.

Humor Dimensions: recognition, cruelty, bizarre (talking robot)

Over at Top Tech Blog:

A gyroscope smaller than a human hair moves humankind one step closer to spreading our DNA to far-off words on millions of tiny, inexpensive rockets launched at the end of Earth’s run. But I might be reading too much into it.

If you think self-driving cars are scary, wait until your doctor is software. Every new medical device seems to move us in that direction. Here’s a new one for eye exams.

In other news, a researcher says

“A highly coherent qubit, like the spin of a single phosphorus atom in isotopically enriched silicon, can be controlled using electric fields, instead of using pulses of oscillating magnetic fields.” And thank God for that, I say.

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