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Running Against a Branding Wizard – Trump Series

Who thought they could beat a branding wizard in a political race? 

Ask Sweaty, Plenty, Nice, Robot, or Low-energy.

To be fair, Trump’s opponents have also branded him… as a person who speaks his mind and doesn’t pretend to know more than he does.

Let’s call that roughly equal.

By the way, labeling Rubio “sweaty” is a brilliant debate tactics for next time. If you are a person who perspires heavily on stage, the one thing you do NOT want to do is think about it on stage. Makes it far worse. Expect Rubio to be a flop-sweat mess at the next debate.

And my favorite Jedi mind trick that Trump used in the first debate was directed toward Rand Paul. Trump said, “You’re having a hard time tonight.” That is weapons-grade mindf*cking.

I haven’t mentioned Walker, but only because voters probably don’t know that he and Rubio are different people. As I watched the second debate, I imagined the viewing public wondering why Rubio sometimes looked handsome and sometimes goofy. They probably thought it was a lighting problem.


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