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Master Persuader Update – Slip of the Tongue (Trump series)

In the Republican undercard debate tonight, George Pataki referred to Trump as “president.”

That’s the tell for persuasion that I predicted in this post. Search on the page for “bonus thought”. The idea is that Trump has been acting like a president so effectively (and intentionally) that you feel as if he is the incumbent.

That is some world-class persuasion. I saw this developing months ago. You’ll see a flurry of it in the coming months.

Oh, and Huckabee made a point of saying the president needs to be a “persuader.” He used the word several times.

Probably a coincidence. We still can’t rule out the Lucky Hitler hypothesis for why Trump is polling well.

And obviously Trump’s popularity could be because voters like outsiders. And by that I mean they like one of the three outsiders, then two insiders, then another outsider, in roughly that order. Wait, is Fiorina still in the race?