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The Movie Persuasion Filter

If you were going to cast a Batman movie, and you had to pick from the Republican candidates, how easily could you fill out the cast? This will tell you what you really think of these folks.

I think it would come out like this:

Batman: Trump (battling lobbyists, China, ISIS, and the GOP) 

Robin: Rubio. Obviously.

The Penguin: Ted Cruz (Chris Christie as backup)

Commissioner Gordon: John Kasich

Alfred: Jeb

The Joker: Megyn Kelly (New haircut looks like the animated version, not the movie one)

The Riddler: Rand Paul (I never know what he’s talking about.)

Ben Carson wouldn’t make the cast because Hollywood is racist. But if there were a Batman villain that stole brains from babies, he would be perfect.

For the record, I think Megyn Kelly does great work for FOX and I like her new hairdo. But hair has to be fair game in the year of Trump.