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My Exciting Periscope Playlist

My viewer traffic on Periscope (streaming video) exploded this week. I experimented with performance-humor in a few cases and those videos went viral. You might want to check out a few of them on your holiday road trips. Here are the topics of interest:

I explain why “Modern Day Presidential” is weapons-grade persuasion (9 minutes)

I discuss President Trump’s wrestling/CNN GIF that got everyone wound up. (23 minutes)

I tell you how President Trump’s tweeting killed my cat. (21 minutes)

I tell you how to negotiate peace with North Korea. (Really) (12 minutes)

I tell you how President Trump destroyed civilization with his Morning Joe tweets. (This one went viral) (18 minutes)

If you only watch one of them, start with the last one on the list. Many of the people who viewed it believed I was being serious. It is my most-watched video of all time.

Yes, yes, I know you prefer written blogs over videos. But my writing muscles are worn out from completing my upcoming book, and I needed a writing break. Will get back to blogging soon. I just finished writing my book and sent it off for copyediting. Look for it by end of October. (It will make you tingle.)

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