Episode 95: What Scott Would do About Iran - Scott Adams' Blog

Episode 95: What Scott Would do About Iran


  • Iran’s Khamenei tweet about Israel’s eradication
    • I would ask him to clarify his tweet
    • If he does clarify…what will he say?
    • Should he at least clarify to his own people?
  • Scott’s Amsterdam coffee house experience
    • Rookie weed mistakes
    • Not knowing the difference between Sativa and Indica
    • Not knowing the difference between Sativa strains (or Indica strains)
    • Vaping is not yet scientifically proven to be safer
    • Avoid edibles, they’re unpredictable and probably 90% of bad experiences
  • No opinion on McCabe immunity till Alan Dershowitz weighs in
  • Should Trump pardon Hillary?  Maybe.
  • America does NOT have “equal justice”
  • Our legal system was intentionally designed to NOT have “equal justice”


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