Episode 608 Scott Adams: Mueller, Mueller, Mueller and More Mueller - Scott Adams' Blog

Episode 608 Scott Adams: Mueller, Mueller, Mueller and More Mueller


  • Mueller didn’t appear competent
    • Mueller did NOT investigate Steele dossier or Fusion GPS?
    • Conclusion: Mueller Report was a disservice and a disgrace
  • Expect age related questions to now hound Pelosi, Biden, Bernie
  • Tucker Carlson notes that there’s NO direct evidence Putin involved
    • “Appears” to be, “seems” to be Russian interference
  • Will Boris Johnson dig into what UK knew about Steele Dossier?
  • Epstein episode yesterday in jail, assault or suicide attempt?
  • Democrat mental health issues…
    • Anti-Trumpers were SO WRONG about everything, for 3 years
    • The challenges of maintaining Trump hatred
  • Mueller allowed the anti-Trump people to believe they aren’t insane
    • When even a Philip Mudd says “shut up and move on”, it’s time
  • AOC will soon realize, the squad is substantially damaging her brand
  • Mike Lindell, MyPillow guy considering a run against Omar
  • Dan Crenshaw has a VERY strong brand, he has a full toolbox

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