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Angel Funding

Angel Funding

    I decided to stimulate the economy by seeding a startup. I have several ideas, and I’m looking for some local (San Francisco area) software developers to do feasibility analysis and rapid prototyping across multiple platforms (web, phones).

    Ideas alone have no economic value. Everyone has ideas. It’s the implementation that matters. My contribution to the implementation would be the design specs, some seed funding to build a quick prototype, and if something pans out, I can fund it further, or find someone else who can. And later I can help focus attention on it.

    The first idea that a friend and I have developed would create a streamlined solution to a process that almost everyone does in an inefficient way now. The solution would be viral in the sense that anyone who sees it would recognize it as a better solution than whatever they were doing before, and it would be free.

    By analogy, Evite is viral in the same way. Once you see Evite in action, you immediately abandon your old way of doing invitations. My idea doesn’t involve invitations, but it would have the same viral dynamic and immediate adoption rate.

    Obviously I can’t describe the idea here. But I can tell you it passes the Guy Kawasaki test in which you ask yourself if you would be a user of the product you’re considering making. The answer for me is a big yes. It’s actually hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t use it, from grandparents to kids, and from businesses to families.

    That’s the teaser. If you’re an established software development business, and this sounds interesting to you, drop me an email at dilbertcartoonist@gmail.com and we’ll start stimulating the economy right away.

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