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Another Way to Make Mexico Pay for the Wall?

Another Way to Make Mexico Pay for the Wall?
    I saw a news item about border security seizing $500K worth of marijuana at the border. The agent being interviewed said this was not unusual.

    What do they do with all of that seized marijuana? I assume they destroy it after taking home whatever they can fit in their pockets. (I kid the border patrol.)

    But let’s think creatively for a minute. California’s cannabis dispensaries would happily purchase that weed and sell it to consumers. Why not sell it to state-legal dispensaries and use the proceeds to help pay for the wall?

    This plan would require changes in federal law. But that’s doable. Or at least it would be, if we had a functioning Congress.

    I don’t expect this to happen because Congress is not effective. They’ll let that low-hanging fruit rot.

    Add that to your reasons for despising them. They earned it.


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