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Article: Dilbert’s New Mash-Up Site…

Article: Dilbert’s New Mash-Up Site…

    From Salon.com:  Dilbert’s new mash-up site lets you add your own punch line 

    Author: Farhad Manjoo, 4/21/08 

    Scott Adams, the cartoonist behind the middle management-mocking comic strip “Dilbert,” says that his work has always been “interactive”: “People e-mail me with ideas, I draw the comic, they hang the comic on a wall,” he told me in an e-mail.

    But late last week Adams and his syndicate, United Media, unveiled a new model in cartoon interactivity — Dilbert.com now lets fans rewrite Adams’ punch lines, and soon it’ll let you write the entire strip, too. (Click for full article.)

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