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    As regular readers know, I wonder if the economy is being manipulated by a small group of people who make vast fortunes by investing ahead of the swings. And if there isn’t any major manipulation happening, the economy certainly acts that way.

    You might have noticed that there are times, such as now, when the stock market is marching straight up and there is a suspicious lack of bad news. Oh, don’t get me wrong – there is plenty of bad news out there if the media wants to focus on it. But for some reason (conspiracy) there is more emphasis on the good. That means something big and bad is in the pipeline to create the next unnecessary panic. The conspirators are tamping down on the smaller bad news stories to get the biggest bang out of the panic they intend to create. That’s what my spider sense is telling me is happening now.

    Perhaps the Dow will continue to 10,000, but the next big shock will be in the downward direction. I predict stories about some sort of financial crisis that you never even heard of, before the end of the year. And I predict it will drive the market down 20%.

    And then Special Forces will find and kill Bin Laden, driving the market back up to new highs. You and I will find ways to lose money during these swings, by panicking and selling at the wrong times. The manipulators will double their money.

    Disclaimer: Don’t take investment advice from cartoonists, especially if it includes a reference to spider senses.

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