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Baby Boomer ETF

Baby Boomer ETF

    I saw an article recently about states that have favorable taxation for retired people. I wonder if buying first-floor condos in those states would be a good investment, since demand will be rising.

    And I wonder what other types of investments make sense as the baby boomers retire in numbers. Let’s ignore the obvious ones, such as the companies who make rest homes, funeral homes, pharmaceuticals, canes, walkers, and Depend undergarments. I’m looking for the next level of cleverness. That’s what I expect from my readers.

    For example, I can imagine artificial grass becoming a boom business, both because of water shortages and because it takes mowing out of the equation. The fake grass these days looks convincing, and the prices are coming down. Replacing your lawn when you’re about 60 might be a good investment, making it easier to retire in your current home.

    Lately I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the game of bocce. The game has been around forever, but suddenly it’s hot. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that you can do it at any age, and at any level of sobriety. And it’s generally cheap. If there’s a pure play in bocce, I’d take that bet. It’s like catnip for the over-50 crowd. And the grandkids can play too.

    Cruise lines seem like a good gamble. They make it easy to vacation on a budget, especially if you’re not too active. And retirees are the ones who can most easily take a 3-week cruise.

    Do you have any other non-obvious ways to make money from the boomer retirement bulge?

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