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Bernie Sanders Turns on the Iowa Afterburners

Bernie Sanders Turns on the Iowa Afterburners

    As I have taught you, persuasion can be ranked like this:

    1. Identity (best)

    2. Analogy (okay)

    3. Reason (useless)

    Bernie Sanders had been operating in the lower two categories along with Hillary Clinton. But his new ad, set to a Simon and Garfunkel tune, is pure identity (America!) and pure gold.

    That should put him over the top in Iowa, according to the Master Persuader filter.

    I don’t think Sanders can beat Trump in the general election. Remember, Trump hasn’t turned his canons on Sanders yet. And Sanders looks like a target-rich environment for Trump. But Sanders does have a puncher’s chance if he stays in the top layer of persuasion like this. 

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