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Best Attention-getter

Best Attention-getter
    Which of these proposed teasers (to the same content) would make you want to click it?

    1. Passion is bullshit

    2. Goals are for losers

    3. Lies that Billionaires tell

    4. How Billionaires avoid looking like jerks

    5. It comes out of a bull’s anus and billionaires can’t get enough of it!

    6. How the rich keep you poor

    7. Bad advice from rich idiots

    8. The biggest lie that rich people tell

    9. Can luck be manipulated?

    I already have the opinion of an expert in this field. But I want a second choice to do some A-B testing on.

    All of the teasers are honest representations of the material, at least so far as Internet teases go. And by that I mean that when you read the content you’d agree the headline made some sense with the material. It’s a low standard. The headline is just to inspire curiosity.

    Which one makes you most curious?

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