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Best. Complaint. Ever.

Best. Complaint. Ever.

    I got this complaint in my email today. This gentleman says my calendars used to be funny but they no longer are. Read top to bottom to see my response.

    —- incoming email —-

    Hi There.

    I want to share my thoughts on the current [Dilbert] calendar block I am working through this year.

    I have had these for two or three years but have been completely disappointed with the content in this years’ effort. Gone are the clever jokes and observations and instead we seem to have an almost formula approach which to me frequently misses the mark. I check the daily cartoons on the Dilbert website and these are still as sharp and funny as they have always been.

    To me it is as if someone else is creating the calendar and not really achieving the required result. I for one won’t buy it next year as it just isn’t funny.

    [name removed]

    Tasmania, Australia

    —- my response —

    Hi [name removed],

    The comics on the website are current and the calendars are curated collections of comics that have already been on the website. 

    Which means you are writing to complain that my comic is improving. And I thank you for that 🙂


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