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Boycott Valentines Day?

Boycott Valentines Day?

    Let’s say you’re a Democrat, and male, and you can’t imagine voting for a Republican. But at the same time, you can’t stomach the fact that Hillary Clinton is playing the Gender Card.

    How do you vote? 

    One suggestion is to vote for Clinton and announce in advance that you plan to boycott Valentine’s Day for as long as she is in office. (In this scenario, I assume your spouse also votes for Clinton.) That feels like a measured response. Under this plan, you can enjoy all of the policy benefits you wanted from a Clinton administration while feeling you stayed principled about the Gender Card. You save yourself 4-8 years of Valentines’ Day bullshit, and you make your point too.

    The trick is to state your plan to boycott Valentines’ Day NEXT year. That gives your spouse time to adjust to the reality of it. If you try to do it alone, or do it this year, all you will get is divorced. But if it becomes a national movement, you have some cover.

    Personally, I would be okay with a Clinton presidency, and I’m okay with Valentines Day too. But I’m not okay with both. You have to draw a line someplace. That’s my line.

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