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    Here’s a sneak peak at the startup I’ve been working on for the past two years. It’s called CalendarTree.

    It’s for coaches, project managers, and anyone who schedules multiple meetings with folks who use different calendar types (Google, iCal, Outlook).

    CalendarTree is a website that allows the schedule-creator to easily enter a list of coming events – such as a team schedule for the coming year – and share it via email, Twitter, LinkedIN, or Facebook. The recipient gets a clickable link that loads the schedule to their personal calendar of choice, which could be Google, Outlook, or iCal (Apple). Whenever the schedule owner makes a change, it flows automatically to your calendar and sends an email describing the change.

    Yes, I know you can just use Google calendar and ask the Apple, Google, and Outlook users to sync with your calendar. But do you want to be tech support for that? And will most people even bother?

    CalendarTree also allows you to create your own schedule download “button” that can be added to your existing website. Users click the button and get a choice of what calendar type they want to download the schedule to.

    If you are in a family that is juggling multiple schedules from work, school, and sports, you’ll see the need for this product right away. Single folks will mostly go “huh?” But your day will come.

    CalendarTree is free for small-scale users. Have a look and let me know what you think.

    If you have comments about CalendarTree, let me know at dilbertcartoonist@gmail.com.

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