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Calling Jimmy from the Third Dimension

Calling Jimmy from the Third Dimension

    Have you ever randomly turned on your television and discovered that the topic was you? I have, several times. It’s a freaky experience. The whole world becomes tiny for an instant – so small that it all fits in your living room – then it slowly expands to where it was.

    Anyway, some friends saw me taking a walk last night and alerted me that I was mentioned on The Tonight Show. It was easy to find the quote on Google. I’m glad I didn’t see it live because of the freakiness factor. Here it is:

    “The creator of Dilbert predicted that Trump will win the presidency and also compared him to Jesus. And people hope he’s right because they would love a three-day break from Donald Trump.” – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

    In two-dimensional chess, both Trump and I have been dismissed in cartoon fashion in service of the joke. And that’s fair. We’re all professionals. I’m sure the joke succeeded with the audience. Viewed from the perspective of the two-dimensional world, some might say I am diminished in some small way because the Jesus reference is intentionally used out of context to make me look foolish. That would be bad.

    But in the third dimension, where I live and work, associations matter more than reason. And Jimmy Fallon referred to me as “the creator” in the same sentence with Jesus and the next President of the United States.

    Trade-off accepted.

    How was your day?


    I love the brevity of the newest review for my book.

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