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Can a Master Persuader Reverse Hate?

Can a Master Persuader Reverse Hate?

    As of this writing, 60% of the voting public views Donald Trump unfavorably. In the 2D world, you assume he is doomed in the general election.

    But let’s bump up to the third dimension and see how it looks from there.

    For starters, we have watched Trump confound most pundits by improving his favorability with Republicans since May. But in so doing, he dug a deeper hole with haters on the left. And winning the general election is a higher level of difficulty than nudging people who were already leaning. Can a Master Persuader get past a 60% unfavorable rating by November? 

    Regular readers of this blog know that back in August of 2015 I noticed Trump’s skill set at persuasion and predicted his rise. I used the same filter to time the fall of several of his competitors. I mention this for context.

    My prediction is that whoever faces off with Trump in the general election will get annihilated. And it will be because of Trump’s talent, not his policies. Check out Ezra Klein’s excellent explanation of Trump’s technique compared to Rubio.

    I’ll write more on this topic in the coming months, but the sneak preview is that Trump’s skill set, amplified by the media, and reinforced over several months, is more than enough to melt away half of the hatred. And that’s enough to win in a landslide.

    I’ve mentioned in this blog my experience taking a Dale Carnegie class. Over the course of several weeks I witnessed their system turn fear (of speaking) into excitement to speak. Most people would not think that possible.

    I have also hypnotized subjects who wanted to “remember” past lives. I don’t believe in past lives, but several folks I hypnotized had vivid “memories” of their past lives under hypnosis. In other words, I caused them (willingly) to rewrite their entire history and understanding of who they are in the universe… in an hour.

    Here’s a glimpse of how easily Trump could start to turn his haters.

    Trump could take healthcare off the table by agreeing to test a national plan in any state that wanted to go first. That’s the high ground maneuver.

    Trump could take “free college” off the table by saying college is overrated for most people. You can learn almost any skill over the Internet, so what we need is a way to accredit certain collections of skills. For example, my Persuasion Reading List – or some version of it – would be more valuable than most college courses. It just isn’t accredited. That’s fixable.

    Trump can take “crazy” off the table by acting more presidential in the general election. That makes it clear that his outrageousness was always grounded in technique and not insanity.

    And so on.

    My point is that what you see as an insurmountable 60% unfavorable rating is nothing of the sort for a Master Persuader. He could cut it by 25% just by shaving his head. Literally.

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