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Can Humans and Computers Mate and Have Babies?

Can Humans and Computers Mate and Have Babies?
    Can humans have sex with machines and create digital offspring? Almost. Here are the components you need:

    • The computer needs artificial sex organs to serve as the “input” from a human male. We have that technology already. There are artificial male and female sex toys that seem to get the job done.
    • The computer needs to analyze the DNA of the human mate. That technology exists, but it will get more advanced in terms of figuring out what kind of humans come from what kinds of DNA.
    • Once the computer has analyzed the DNA sample, it adds its own digital DNA (conceptually speaking) and creates a simulated baby that lives in the “mother’s” computer software while it continues to learn from outside sources.
    • Someday, when the simulated baby is sufficiently educated, it can be freed from the mother computer’s “womb” and be ported to an actual robot that represents the mother’s “DNA,” in a conceptual sense, combined with the father’s human DNA. Remember, computers “evolved” as did humans. Any robot will be the result of that human-aided evolution. In other words, an advanced space alien could probably look at human technology samples and deduce which ones came earlier and which ones are the more evolved versions.

    Humans are the result of more than DNA. We become who we are through experience as well. The human-computer offspring would be no different. To the father, the child would perhaps remind him of himself but the simulation would have different life experiences informing its pattern-recognition circuitry. You would not end up with a copy of the father any more than you would if he cloned himself in a biological way and raised a baby with identical DNA. Experiences plus DNA make us who we are. The robot would be its own person.

    There you have it. Humans can literally have sex with machines and produce robot babies. Most of the parts you need for that to happen already exist. It just doesn’t exist in a packaged form. At least not yet.

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