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Can You Pray Someone to Death?

Can You Pray Someone to Death?

    I believe you can pray someone to death under the right conditions. What?
    You skeptics don’t believe me?

    Lately the top guy in Iran, Ali Khamenei, is getting pushback from the faithful because the Supreme Leader’s job description is feeling a bit too much like God’s job, and polytheism is a big no-no under Islam. My theory is that if people in the United States start praying to Khamenei, his own people will stone him to death to protect monotheism.

    It wouldn’t take many people praying to him to do the trick. A few thousand people might be enough. We could call ourselves Khameniacs and make t-shirts with his image. If praying to a false god seems like too much work, you can just tell people you do it. That sort of thing is hard to verify. The shirt would be ugly, but a good prank like this takes some sacrifice.

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