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Can’t Beat Them

Can’t Beat Them

    I hear a lot of complaints about big companies donating money to politicians and getting favorable legislation in return. Obviously these companies make donations because they believe it works. I decry this perversion of our democracy (okay, our republic). On the other hand, I wonder how I can invest in those companies.

    Has anyone tracked the stocks of companies that donate to politicians to see if those companies beat the market averages? I’d like to see a stock fund comprised of companies that are donating the most money to politicians. If those companies do indeed outperform the market, I want in. Realistically, I don’t see this practice ever subsiding, so complaining does no good. Even voting for politicians who say they will fight it does no good. But making money from the companies who corrupt the system seems to make good sense to me. I see no reason that you and I shouldn’t get a taste of that action.

    I couldn’t find a list of the biggest political donors, which is worrisome on its own. Can someone Google me up one and put it in the comments?

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