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Carly Fiorina and the Wizard Filter

Carly Fiorina and the Wizard Filter

    The media is reporting that Carly Fiorina won the debate last night. I agree with that assessment, assuming we are viewing a two-dimensional chess board.

    But according to the Master Wizard Hypothesis, all that really matters to voters in the end is images, words, and emotion. Reason doesn’t enter into it. Let’s see how Fiorina did on the emotional dimension. And remember, this is just for fun, to test the wizard filter and see how well it makes predictions.

    What images pop into your mind when you think of Fiorina’s debate performance? Ignore the substance and even the technique for a minute. Just relax and see what images pop into your head.

    I’ll tell you what images I got.

    1. “That face” – which in my opinion is attractive but makes me tense.

    2. A dying fetus with a heartbeat. On a table. Doctors are talking about harvesting its organs.

    So on the wizard scale, Fiorina self-immolated. Worst wizard move of all time. Literally. You would be hard-pressed to come up with a worse set of visuals to wear as a pant suit.

    On the strategy dimension, one assumes that the best result for Trump would be… wait for it … you are already ahead of me, I hope…

    … a Carly Fiorina debate victory. 

    Because that success becomes a mere annoyance to Trump but a total anchor on Carson. A Fiorina rise (within reason) is Trump’s best case scenario. Trump is already running out the game clock for the nomination. He just needs the last two defenders to tackle each other. So far, so good.

    That’s what the Wizard filter says. Time will tell.

    Update: A lot of my blog traffic seems to be originating from one area lately. I wonder if it was something I said.

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