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Cats Vs. Dogs

Cats Vs. Dogs

    Recently I answered the question of whether my dog (Snickers) or my cat (Zoey) is smarter.

    My dog loves treats and is largely bored by the stuff I put in her food bowl. She eats it if she’s hungry enough, but she loves special treats. Now here’s the interesting part: If I take a pellet of food directly from her dish and present it as a special treat, she snarfs it down as if it were the best food in the world. And I can do this with her face literally one foot from a full bowl of food. In front of her eyes I pick up a boring pellet from the bowl and it magically becomes a special treat because it is now in my hand – the place from which all delicious treats originate. I can repeat this trick dozens of times and not once does Snickers think to bypass the hand and eat the big bowl of food that is directly in front of her snout.

    Okay, so that’s how smart the dog is.

    My cat, Zoey, developed an odd habit some years ago, or so I thought. When I walk anywhere near her food bowl, which generally has food in it, she meows to get my attention and demands to be petted. But when I go to pet her, she starts guiding me toward the bowl until I’m petting her at the same time she’s eating. Yes, she “George Costanzas” me.

    George Costanza was a character on the old Seinfeld show. In one well-known episode George tried to combine the thrill of sex with the pleasure of eating a sandwich, doing both at the same time. Zoey has literally trained me to pet her while she eats, thus getting a double-tap of pleasure when most animals would have settled for either one.

    Advantage: cat

    Scott Adams

    P.S. My startup, CalendarTree.com, got an unexpected 5 out of 5 Gearhead rating from Network World’s Mark Gibbs. The odd thing is that I didn’t know this article was happening until it showed up on my Google Alert over the weekend.


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