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Checking My Gender Bias – Master Wizard Hypothesis

Checking My Gender Bias – Master Wizard Hypothesis

    I’ve been blogging about my Master Wizard Hypothesis while focusing on Donald Trump and a number of other men. For the sake of balance, I will “out” for you two of the greatest living female Master Wizards of persuasion. Before I tell you their names, see if you can guess who they are based on my list of known tells for a Master Wizard.

    1. Unusual success in a field, as if coming from out of nowhere.

    2. A gifted communicator with a simple, visual, story-telling style.

    3. A big influence on hundreds of millions of people.

    4. A tie to a known wizard.

    5. High intelligence.

    6. Success in a variety of business ventures.

    7. Unusually high productivity.

    Okay. What famous women, still living, fit all of the tells for a Master Wizard of persuasion? If you are coming up blank, you might be a sexist.

    Are you ready for the answers?

    1. You should have guessed this one.

    But here comes the funnier one. Remember: They hide in plain sight. That’s part of the skill set. 

    2. I’ll bet you didn’t guess this Master Wizard.

    See? Hiding in plain sight.

    Reminder to new readers: The Master Wizard Hypothesis is just for entertainment. There are many ways to view the world. This one just happens to fit the data. Your way of viewing the world might work great too.

    I wrote this book. If you don’t read it, someday you will be the only one in the room who doesn’t understand why systems are better than goals. And I will feel bad for you. But you will have it coming for not reading my book. Karma. Just saying. Play it safe.

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