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Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

    I’m not good at buying gifts. I start worrying about Christmas in April, and by the time October rolls around I’m in full panic mode. Call me spontaneous, but I prefer when my failures surprise me, not when they are scheduled for December 25th every year.  By this time of year I feel as if I’m tied to the railroad tracks, I hear a whistle in the distance, and it probably isn’t Santa.

    When it comes to gifts, they say it’s the thought that counts, but I can’t even get that part right. Whatever the hell I’m doing is more like the Dalai Lama clearing his mind and meditating, but without the relaxing part.  When I try to think of an appropriate gift for my wife, all I see is nothingness. The problem might have something to do with my own view of material goods. I can walk through a shopping mall for hours without seeing anything I’d want to own more than I’d want to lug it back to the car.

    For example, if I see a shirt that looks nice, I can’t imagine why I’d want to own it. I already have shirts that keep me warm.  It won’t make me look more attractive, unless I wrap it around my face, and I buy two more to stuff in my shoes so I’m taller. For some reason my wife prefers it when I have new shirts, which is exactly why I get shirts for my birthday, shirts for Christmas, and shirts for Valentine’s Day. And I have been led to believe there is a holiday called National Shirt Day.

    I am guessing that some of you have the same gift-buying problem that I do, minus the crazy parts. I propose that we stick together and come up with some sure-fire gift ideas to make our own lives easier. I will prime the pump with this suggestion, and you can thank me later. It’s a company that sells sterling silver necklaces, hand-stamped with (wait for it…) the names of a woman’s children:

             Hayjac Designs

    Aside from the obvious brilliance that jewelry is always a correct gift for women, when you add the names of her children, it takes it to another level.  That’s the “thought” part you keep hearing about. I am told that sterling silver works for just about every woman and goes with just about every casual outfit. Plus, unlike a ring or clothing, there are no sizing issues. I already got this gift for my wife last year, so I can’t use it again. (Full disclosure: Shelly told me to buy it for her.)

    Okay, now it is your turn. Leave your gift ideas in the comment area, with links if you have them. The ideal gift idea should show some sort of thought, have no sizing issues, and be priced in the spouse-gift range.  Put some thinking into it because in all likelihood you’re deciding what my wife will get for Christmas for the next ten years.

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