Coffee With Scott Adams Podcast

Scott Adams is best known as the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. But in his daily (sometimes twice daily) podcasts, Adams uses his training as a hypnotist and a lifelong student of persuasion to analyse current events (mostly Trump-related) through a persuasion lense. In so doing, Adams offers you a new way to understand your reality. You can also expect to pick up some valuable persuasion techniques along the way. These podcasts are the audio channels from Adams' popular Periscope videos. If you hear pauses and interruptions, Adams is probably reading comments as they come across his Periscope screen. Adams' Periscope listeners requested that he convert the Periscope videos into podcast files so they can be played offline and also use less battery power. Most of what you will hear is spontaneous, unrehearsed and casual. The best way to listen is while sipping your favorite beverage.