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Cognitive Dissonance Update 1

Cognitive Dissonance Update 1

    In a prior post, and as part of my Master Persuader Series (about Trump), I predicted that Trump’s success would trigger cognitive dissonance the likes of which you have rarely seen. That is a tell for mass persuasion.

    I give you two examples from today.

    The Huffington Post tells us Donald Trump’s rise is over. They’re calling a top to his popularity and pre-gloating his demise.


    At Redstate.com we learn that polls are misleading and the real leader in the GOP primary is Rubio.


    While Reuters tells us Trump has surged to an all-time high in the polls.

    As I have explained before, reality is subjective. Any one of those filters on reality could be as “true” as any other. But what model of reality does the best at predicting?

    Keep watching and find out.

    Update: And now we learn that modern polling is totally unreliable. Or better than ever. Read more here.

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