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Cognitive Dissonance: You be the Judge

Cognitive Dissonance: You be the Judge

    Here’s an interesting article in the Washington Post that explains why Trump is still leading in the polls. At least so far. The explanation for Trump’s continued rise in the polls, according to a convincing chart in the article, is that the media is giving him all of the attention.

    Now refer back to my post on how to spot a tell for cognitive dissonance, and take a look at the one titled nonsense rebuttal.

    Okay, armed with that knowledge, you get to judge whether it is I who is experiencing cognitive dissonance or the author of the article. 

    We both have a strong bias on this topic, so realistically, he and I have zero credibility on this question. That’s why I deputize you to be the deciders.

    My view is that early in the race (five minutes ahead of time) Trump asked himself what he needed to do in order to suck all of the attention out of the entire universe and starve the lesser-known candidates. Then he did it. Because that is the obvious play. And the media danced.

    The article by Mr. Sides takes the view that the media is not the puppet in the middle but rather the prime cause of Trump’s rise. By this view, Trump is just shiny and fun and his novelty will fade.

    One of us is blind to the obvious. Right?

    I am not qualified to judge my own cognitive dissonance, so I leave it to you.

    Remember from my article on tells that there are plenty of false-positives. It isn’t a science. This is just for fun. Look for the trigger event to help you estimate the odds of a real tell sighting. See how you do.


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