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Digital Ghosts Exist!

Digital Ghosts Exist!
    In my prior post, I described a future where your digital ghost would live on without you. Many of you were quick to point out how many sci-fi stories have that plot. Fair enough. My point was that the technology to start building your digital ghost is already here. What I didn’t know is that it’s already being done.

    Check out this company. They saw my post and were quick to tell me they are already well into the business. It’s creepy-cool.


    The current version is a little bumpy, yet awesome, and apparently it requires you to populate the database about yourself in a manual way. But it’s easy to see how it could evolve until the animation is smooth and three-dimensional, the voice is nearly perfect, and it gathers information from the Internet and your hard drive to fill in the blanks about your life.

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