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Dilbert by Jake Tapper?

Dilbert by Jake Tapper?

    If you’re wondering why Dilbert looks different today, it’s because I asked CNN anchor and host Jake Tapper to be my guest artist for the week of 5/23/16. I wrote six daily comics for the week and Jake did the art. You can see them on the home page starting with the first one today.

    Jake suggested auctioning the framed original art on eBay to raise money for Homes for our Troops, and that sounded great to me. HFOT is an organization that builds mortgage-free, specially designed homes for disabled veterans. You can bid for the originals on eBay here. Please do. It’s a great cause.

    See more details about how it came about here.

    I hope you like the change-of-pace this week. My only complaint is that Jake’s a better artist than me. Do me a favor and don’t notice that part.

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