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Dilbert Cubicle Buddy

Dilbert Cubicle Buddy

    Your ideas for cubicle toys made me think it would be very cool to have a Dilbert Cubicle Buddy with open standards so you could customize it to a variety of functions.

    Imagine a hard plastic Dilbert doll sitting next to your computer, attached by USB. Perhaps it is in wireless contact with a motion sensor outside the cubicle. As someone approaches, Dilbert’s eyes light up to warn you.

    Maybe you have an RFID device on your keychain, and as you approach your computer the Dilbert Cubicle Buddy detects it and enters your password to unlock your computer. When you go out of range, it locks everything up.

    The Dilbert Cubicle Buddy could have a speaker, so it plays music, assuming you have another one for stereo. But you’d only need one for playing voice mail or for general alerts. For example, if someone enters your cubicle when you aren’t there, the Dilbert Cubicle Buddy could deliver a recorded message of your whereabouts.

    A hidden camera inside the Dilbert Cubicle Buddy could provide security video.

    The Dilbert Cubicle Buddy could include a hard drive to back up your system.

    It could warn you of incoming e-mail or phone calls before the normal alerts, and wave or just say “Phone call coming.”

    It could give you random compliments and kudos.

    If you twist Dilbert’s head backwards, there could be a webcam on the back.

    It could have a pico projector for your smaller Powerpoint demonstrations.

    It could have a flashlight on top of his head, with bendable arms like a spider, so you can stage the light where you need it.

    It could be a USB hub, with jacks on the back.

    A Wally version could be a big rechargeable battery for stealing electricity from work.

    It could be an iPhone charging dock.

    Basically, the Dilbert Cubicle Buddy would be a limited robot that would accept add-ons and apps. It could do anything you programmed it to do.

    Obviously you’d need to be able to bolt it to your desk or to your monitor so it isn’t stolen.

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