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Dilbert T-Shirt Slogan Update

Dilbert T-Shirt Slogan Update

    Thank you so much for your opinions yesterday on the best t-shirt slogans. I tabulated your preferences below, sorted by the most popular at the top. Skip to the bottom to see which three slogans I decided to test on www.eyecrowd.com, a new site that pays citizens for their opinions.

    There’s no kill switch on awesome. (29 votes)

    I’m not lazy, I’m useless. There’s a big difference. (20)
    [Shorter version: I’m not lazy, I’m useless. Big difference.]

    I’m toying with the idea of becoming a useful member of society. (14)

    With any luck, your soul mate won’t be perceptive. (11)
    [Shorter version: I hope your soul mate isn’t perceptive.]

    Goals are a form of self-inflicted slavery. (10)

    Never mind. My phone took care of it. (8)

    Did you learn to debate on the Internet? (7)

    I can no longer resist the urge to text while you talk. (6)
    [Shorter version: I text while you talk at me.]

    Self-respect is like a prison for the soul. (5)

    You might want to pick a defense that’s less checkable. (5)
    [Shorter version: Try picking a defense that’s less checkable.]

    I’ve decided to be more aggressive in blaming others for my lack of success. (5)

    I tried to read your email but the signal-to-noise ratio was too low. (3)
    [Shorter version: Your signal-to-noise ratio is low]

    Notable Write-ins:

    My philosophy is that anything worth doing is too hard.

    And that is how Floyd became the first person to hold his breath and jump into outer space.

    Which Ones I’m Testing on Eyecrowd.com:

    The top two vote getters (“…no kill switch on awesome,” and “I’m not lazy…”) are so strong that I know they would also score highest on eyecrowd.com, so that would be a wasted test. I decided to test the third and fourth highest vote getters (“…useful member of society,” and “…soul mate won’t be perceptive.”). Then I added my own wildcard pick of “I text while you talk at me.” I think that’s a dead winner as a gift item for teens.

    While I like the sixth most popular slogan, according to blog readers, I’m uncomfortable with the word “slavery” just because of the tone. And it doesn’t seem like a gift sentiment.

    Thank you again for you opinions.

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