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Dilbert’s Changed Look Explained

Dilbert’s Changed Look Explained

    Dilbert will look different the next six weeks.

    I haven’t taken a day off from work for about three years, and my drawing hand needed some rest and rehab. So I asked my “coworkers” (at Universal Uclick) to fill in for me while I try to figure out how vacations work. (The alternative was running repeats.)

    My instructions to the guest artist were that I would do the writing and they were free to draw Dilbert in their own style, or to copy mine as best they could. You will see six different Dilbert styles in six weeks. This first week is drawn by the President of Universal Uclick, John Glynn. The last week in the series will be drawn by an intern. So…expect every week to be better than the one before :-).

    The names of the vacation artists are between the panels.

    My plan to bring in guest artists from among my readers to write and draw Dilbert for a week turned out to be problematic for a variety of boring reasons. So I apologize for that. 

    However, I welcome any of you who were interested in that opportunity to post your own comics in the comments section here. At least you’ll get a lot of viewers, and maybe something good can come out of it. (Consider it a system, not a goal.)

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