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Disavowing Trump

Disavowing Trump

    I disavow Trump. Because of this and a few other things.

    His skills are still impressive.

    Update 1: 

    Just to be clear, what I’m doing here is getting out of the splatter zone. I am aware that Trump has disavowed David Duke and the KKK in the past and I am certain he will do more of it. But any ambiguity on this topic is his problem, not mine. I’ll let him sort it out. 

    I don’t know who would do the best job as president. That’s a separate question. The leaders in the polls all seem to have deep flaws.

    Update 2:

    In the 2D world of reason it makes no sense to disavow someone I never avowed in the first place for not disavowing someone else when in fact the person I disavowed did disavow that other person. (Got it?) But I don’t live in the 2D world. In my world, association is more important than reason. And this is a good opportunity to disassociate my brand from Trump’s.

    I’ve said repeatedly in this blog that I don’t know who would be the best president. But all of my Trump blogging created an association that translated in people’s minds to an endorsement. Disavowing him solves for that at small transactional cost to me (some extra hatred). 

    Does it matter that the reasons for my disavowal makes no sense to others? Yes, in the sense that it is the very thing that will make you remember that I disavowed him. (I taught you that trick in this post. As Trump shows us time and time again, wrongness gets your attention and reason does not.)

    I’ll still blog about Trump’s persuasion skills but I’ll let him do his own explaining about race relations, Trump University, and his multi-level marketing business for vitamins that didn’t work out. I prefer disavowing all of that to keep the stink off of me.

    Here’s a quick thought experiment: Assume every bad accusation about all of the candidates is 100% true. Then watch in awe as it doesn’t change your opinion on who you support. 

    We all want a saint-like president with brilliant and rational policies, but a saint would never make it through the primaries.

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