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Does Trump Linguistically Engineer His Insults?

Does Trump Linguistically Engineer His Insults?

    On October 1st, I blogged that Trump was starting to define Rubio as a “rube,” although Trump had not yet used that actual word (as far as I know). 

    The human mind automatically connects things that are related. If you tell me a man named Rubio is easily duped (as Trump suggests), the word “rube” automatically pops into my head. When I first made the connection consciously, it felt to me (as a trained hypnotist) that I was experiencing persuasion, not coincidence.

    Recently Trump ran a Rubio attack add that portrayed the senator as “little RUBE.” So there you go. Connection complete, but not until you were primed to accept it as something you were already thinking but had not yet found the perfect word to describe. 

    I remind you that I am applying the Master Wizard filter on this situation for entertainment only while we see how well it explains the current data and predicts the future. If you want truth, that is probably at a different URL.

    The Master Wizard filter says Trump’s insults are deeply engineered, and not random. And an insult that matches an opponents name as well as a personality trait (that Trump assigns) is engineered to be extra-sticky.

    Rubio has also improved his wizard game, at least for his responses to Trump. Instead of going after Trump on policy differences (which would be a dry hole) we now see Rubio trying to portray Trump as an angry old man that Rubio likes to annoy just to watch him self-destruct.

    Do you see where this is heading?

     Angry old man = “Get off my lawn!” = Trump’s deportation plan

    Many of you asked me what would be an effective Linguistic Kill Shot against Trump. One approach would be to reduce Trump’s strong message to a silly absurdity and frame it as…

    “Get off my lawn!”

    But don’t worry about this linguistic kill shot making it into the campaign and changing history. By mentioning it here I take it off the table. My point is to show you how a linguistic kill shot could be engineered. 

    And even this linguistic kill shot might not be enough against someone with Trump’s linguistic judo skills. He would likely embrace the label and reword it to proclaim he is the loudest voice for change, as he successfully did when an interviewer asked if he was a “whiner.”

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