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Drug Testing Presidential Candidates

Drug Testing Presidential Candidates

    Would you feel safe voting for a presidential candidate without knowing which prescription drugs he or she is taking? I asked the question on Twitter and got this result so far.


    If you said it is safe, perhaps you have never been around people taking powerful prescription drugs. Many meds influence decision-making, either directly or indirectly. You know from your own experience that you can make different decisions when you are hungry or tired. Prescription drugs often have side-effects on the body that can influence decisions. Do you want the nuclear codes in the hands of Big Pharma, in effect? That sounds scary to me.

    The Moist Robot Hypothesis – which is the main theme of my book – tells you how you can manipulate your body to get your mind where you want it. Almost any important change to your body results in some sort of mental change. For example, a boob job might increase confidence, and going for a run might reduce your anxiety. In fact, the simple act of forcing yourself to smile when you are unhappy can sometimes trigger your brain to activate the happy circuitry.

    In less enlightened times, we thought the brain was magic, and driven by something like a soul and free will. Science can’t find your soul or your free will, but it does know that nearly any substantial change to your body – including diet and exercise – will change your decision-making. 

    Have you heard of the “victory pose.” It’s a way to change your body chemistry almost instantly by putting your hands above your head like you won something. That’s a striking example of how easy it is to manipulate your mood and thoughts by changing your body’s condition. Prescription meds change your body too, often in substantial ways. When your body changes, your mind follows. The prescription meds says that very thing right on the warning label. Many of them even warn against suicidal thoughts.

    So if you think prescription meds don’t CAUSE thoughts, you are not current with modern science. A person on prescription meds is essentially a chemical cyborg – part human, part science experiment.

    This brings us to Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton looks unhealthy to me, and to many observers. And she has had some unexplained episodes that look like leftover brain damage from her concussion, or from a stroke, or something. See Mike Cernovich explain this one. I’m not a doctor, so my medical opinion has zero credibility. But there is certainly a legitimate question here. If voters are not confident in the brain-health of their candidates, that’s as big a problem as you can have.

    Don’t act like it doesn’t matter. If you do, you’re a science-denier.

    I also think Trump needs to get tested at the same time. He does have a lot of energy, if you know what I mean. At age 70, nearly all adults are on some sort of meds. Let’s sort it out. Their meds might not be the type that influence decisions.

    But I doubt it. I doubt it hard.

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