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Episode 107: The Holocaust Movie Half the Country is Experiencing

Episode 107: The Holocaust Movie Half the Country is Experiencing


  • President Trump’s tweet about the WAPO employee’s wage strike
  • General Michael Hayden holocaust tweet
    • Evil but effective persuasion technique
    • Scott’s reply to General Hayden’s overwrought analogy
  • Kids temporarily separated from parents after arrest at border
    • Are the kids held in a situation better than where they came from?
    • Happiness relies on the contrast between where you are and where you came from
  • Halfpinions versus opinions
    • Full opinions contain the alternative you prefer
    • Halfpinions only state your objection
  • Climate change: Red Team vs. Blue Team
    • Topic importance seems to have faded
  • Anti-Trumpers are lacking the “and” part of their opinions
    • Complaints without stating the impact (the “and” portion)
    • Complaints without offering an alternative option


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