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Episode 109: How to Fix the Border “Cages” Situation Using Psychology

Episode 109: How to Fix the Border “Cages” Situation Using Psychology


  • A complete failure by Democrats, Republicans, President Trump
    • Democrats won’t fix because it’s a GREAT election issue
    • Republicans won’t fix because nobody on either side has a viable alternative
  • The solution needs to address BOTH the short-term and long-term
    • Republicans are the “Parental” party, long-term thinking
    • Democrats are the “Why can’t we only eat candy?” party, short-term thinking
  • Physical components of the issue
    • They’re fleeing danger and hunger to come here
    • The holding facilities are better than what they are fleeing from
    • The holding facilities are temporary
  • Psychological components of the Issue
    • Public focus makes the issue important
    • MSM riding the issue mercilessly
    • Manufactured hysteria for political advantage
    • Liberal propaganda?  YES
    • Very effective?  YES
  • System to allow parents to view their kids in separate holding facility?
    • See that the kids are there and okay


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