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Episode 113: How Trump Handles the Children on CNN

Episode 113: How Trump Handles the Children on CNN


  • President Trump paced his critics by giving them what they asked for
    • Did the President “cave”?
    • Did the American system of checks and balances work as designed?
    • Is this how negotiating works?
  • Morning Joe’s call for diversity
  • Gaslighting applies to all political parties
  • 95% Consumer confidence, highest ever recorded
    • The economy is driven by psychological phenomena
  • President Trump always leads with a “big ask”
  • Peter Fonda’s tweets
    • Why give him a pass for his disgusting comments?
  • Ana Navarro mocking people not policies
  • “Elite” joke by President Trump at rally last night
  • Are we seeing “happy hate” by President Trump’s critics?
  • Jeff Sessions response to questions
  • List of thinking errors
  • Is it getting more dangerous to be a Trump supporter?
    • DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen getting heckled at dinner


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