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Episode 267 Scott Adams: Saudi Excuses, #JobsNotMobs, Voter Turnout

Episode 267 Scott Adams: Saudi Excuses, #JobsNotMobs, Voter Turnout


  • Paul Krugman’s IQ, credentials and his tweet this morning…TDS
  • The persuasion that’s propelling the #JobsNotMobs slogan
  • #FentanylChina, 30K Americans killed per year
    • Arresting and/or assassinating the lab owners has value
    • President Trump considering China postage increase
  • Thought experiment: Big tech decides to impact election results
    • Algorithms be tweaked to target only GOP and discourage voting
  • Sight of American flag influences voting GOP, pre-suasion example
  • President Trump, the last President who isn’t owned by anybody
  • Saudi explanation of Khashoggi event…not plausible
  • Adam Schiff’s (and other dems) wide-eyed look, what does it mean?
    • Lying?
    • Hallucinating?
    • Both?

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