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Episode 291 Scott Adams: Why You Can’t Tell Good News From Bad

Episode 291 Scott Adams: Why You Can’t Tell Good News From Bad


  • Prediction success: Republicans will do better than expected
  • (fun) Prediction success: Outcome will be ambiguous on election day
  • (fun) Bet success: Republicans will hold the house
  • Our robust election system worked
  • At what point do we stop reporting the ethnicity of elected officials?
    • It’s a big deal when the first something takes office
    • It’ll be a bigger deal when “the first” isn’t a big deal
  • Healthcare…why can’t we have both single-payer and universal?
    • Let everyone choose one or the other, as they prefer
  • The election results were the best thing for the country
    • It will take a while, but in the end the country will benefit
    • The Senate assures President Trump can continue progress
    • Prediction: The House result will allow allow progress as well

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