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Episode 294 Scott Adams: Enemy of the People, Wildfires, Tweets, and Whitaker

Episode 294 Scott Adams: Enemy of the People, Wildfires, Tweets, and Whitaker


  • Bad forest management tweet
  • Fake news industry is going full racist, based on their racist reporting
  • CNN reporting makes Antifa comfortable terrorizing Tucker’s wife and kids
    • Does Don Lemon feel any responsibility?
  • Republicans are demonizing illegal immigrants
    • Democrats are demonizing Republicans
    • Both Democrats and Republicans are exaggerating
  • Trump “the dictator”…congratulated Nancy Pelosi and Democrats
  • CNN coverage is evil, do they know that?
  • Brenda Snipes and Broward County vote counting fraud
    • Fog of war applies, but not looking good for BrendaWhat happened to the Russian collusion narrative?
  • Trump knew about the payments to women for remaining quiet
    • A minor lie about a personal situation
  • The biggest stories/complaints about President Trump
    • Insulted French President…does anyone really care?
    • Insults black women…and anyone else, if they’re hostile
    • Mueller might get fired…not news, mind reading
    • Protests over Sessions firing…pretty tame 


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