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Episode 295 Scott Adams: The Smokey View From My Side

Episode 295 Scott Adams: The Smokey View From My Side

Note: Recorded Friday, 11/09/2018 Posting delayed due to fire


  • Rosenstein praised Whitaker as a “perfect choice” to replace him
  • How to confirm we’re in a simulation
  • The new “angry Trump”, very entertaining
    • He tore into two white men at a press conference
    • Fake news focuses on 3 black women he also insulted
  • Will President Trump Federally legalize weed?
    • Prediction: Yes
  • Business model of the news industry is making people angry
    • Profits are being driven by the number of angry people
  • Persuasion is only legal because most people aren’t (yet) very good at it and it can’t be scientifically measured

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