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Episode 300 Scott Adams: Why You Shouldn’t Piss Off The First Lady and Anti-Pelosi Democrats

Episode 300 Scott Adams: Why You Shouldn’t Piss Off The First Lady and Anti-Pelosi Democrats


  • Doctor assisted suicide is here and legal, in the United States
    • Hospice care or palliative care
  • Hate crimes increase 17%…or maybe they decreased 17%
  • If you’re dumb enough to piss off the first lady…
    • …you’re too dumb for your National Security Aide job
  • The new far-left Democrats, 4 crazy bullet points per Fox News
    • The Dems are employing the Trump playbook
    • The Dems are  doing it effectively
    • Their 4 objectives are a “big ask”, just like President Trump
  • 19 Black women ran for judgeship in Texas…and won
  • America, divided by a common language
    • We’re arguing about the definition of words
    • “Nationalist”, “Democratic Socialism”
    • Winning arguments by changing the definition of words
  • If Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, ever runs for President…he will win
  • A complex, big, impossible seeming Middle East peace plan is possible
    • Little deals are harder to achieve than a grand plan
  • How is President Trump “persuasive”…if he hasn’t persuaded me?
    • President Trump’s approval rating is only 40%
    • Neither side is capable of persuading the other side
    • Both sides now, only try to persuade their own side
  • 2016 Election worries…
    • Concentration camps, global depression, nuclear war
  • 2018 worries…
    • Vote counting, Healthcare, the caravan, Melania doesn’t like somebody
    • Our current problems are small compared to 2016 worries
  • Home-building kits for low cost housing with snap together capability

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