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Episode 313 Scott Adams: Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Clinton, China

Episode 313 Scott Adams: Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Clinton, China


  • Two views of the world…
    • Crown Prince said kill him in the embassy
    • Corporate version: A non-specific order to silence him
  • Yemen warring parties are planning to have talks
    • Saudi Arabia and Iran are at each others throats
  • Glenn Greenwald says Trump is first President to be honest
  • Hillary says “Europe needs to get a handle on migration”
    • Public enforcement of need to tighten immigration
    • CNN for last week no longer pushing “Trump is a racist”
  • Why have they stopped pushing the Trump racist attack line?
  • The direction of things is more important than where you are
    • We’re maintaining good relations with key allies
    • The economy is doing great
  • Stock market: One thing is more predictive than others
    • The unemployment rate predicts the economies strength
    • Stock market 5-10% pullback is completely normal
    • End of year profit taking is completely normal
  • Facebook announced…just before Thanksgiving,
    • Facebook hired people to “out” Soros connected groups
    • Soros backs groups that promote identity politics
    • The groups were pushing people to abandon Facebook
  • George Soros versus Tom Steyer
  • Twitter suggestion: Ability to block anyone with an anonymous profile

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